We strongly believe that each human should be given equal rights not based on ethnicity, relgion beliefs, skin color, nationality, sexuality nor any other attributes. On of this rights is right to expressing yourself and own personality by clothes choice. Leather as natural material exisits since begining of history of humans. Today is luxurious fabric, and could be controversial as animal product but also in terms of social perception of people wearing leather clothing.

Polish Leather Uniform Group was established to unite polish community of leather fetishists. After exiting for one year, by decision of Annual General Meeting, our organization has open to other fetishist (more about in AGM section).

Establishment of Association

Polish Leather Uniform Group Association was established on 12th November 2022 in Cracow, during meeting of co-founders who were organizing meeting using facebook group Polish Leather Uniform Group. Founding community consisted from 16 members of Leather Community from whole country.

The initiating meeting have choosen first board of association, and created statute of association, and new Board registered new organization officialy.

First AGM

In October 2023 members of association met for First Annual General Meeting of Polish Leather Uniform Group. The meeting approves the reports on the currrent activities of the Association’s Board and defined direction of development of the organization. Probably most important decision was opening organization to rubber community or election of addition board member from rubber community.

Why is Polish Leather Uniform Group involved in the activities of the rubber community??
Even though we come from the leather community, we organize many multi-fetish events. We undertook the organization of the Mr. election. Rubber Poland 2023, when everything indicated that otherwise the elections would not take place. We believe that, despite our young age, as an organization, we are able to share our knowledge and experience with other fetish communities and we want to support them in this way. We hope that joint action will allow the Polish rubber community to develop to such an extent that it will be able to function independently in the future, without the help of the Polish Leather Uniform Group. In the short term, we hope that the larger presence of representatives of the rubber community in PLUG will allow for more efficient preparation of the next edition of the Mr. Rubber Poland 2023, adapting it to the needs of the rubber community.

Extraordinary AGM

In March 2024, an Extraordinary General Meeting of Members of the Polish Leather Uniform Group Association was held, convened by the Association’s Management Board, conducted online. The main purpose of the General Meeting was to formally authorize the members of the Association’s Management Board to start the transformation procedure (registration of the Association in the National Court Register), as well as to elect statutory bodies competent for registered associations (Management Board and Audit Committee) and to approve new statutory documents (Statute, Regulations on the Payment of Contributions, other Regulations). inside).


The Polish Leather Uniform Group Association is one of the organizations promoting equality ideas. The aim of the association is, among others:

  1. Education in the field of equality, tolerance and human rights, in particular for sexual minorities,
  2. Health promotion,
  3. Promotion of culture and art, with particular emphasis on culture and art created by representatives of the LGBT+ community and for the LGBT+ community,
  4. Integration of the LGBT+ community, in particular representatives of the leather and rubber fetish.

Find out more by reviewing the Association’s Bylaws.

Authorities of the Association

In accordance with the Regulations of the Polish Leader Uniform Group Association, the current activities of the Association are managed by the Management Board elected by the members of the Association. The Management Board of the second term was elected during the extraordinary general meeting of the Association’s members on March 23, 2024. Currently, the Association’s Management Board consists of 3 people, and the newly appointed Audit Committee – 2 people.

Registration data

Note – The Association is currently in the process of registration in the National Court Register

  • The Polish Leather Uniform Group Association is entered in the register of associations kept by the Mayor of the capital city of Warsaw under number 1008
  • REGON number: 523892261, VAT ID (NIP): 1133082003
  • Address for correspondence:
    Polish Leather Uniform Group Association
    ul. Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego 47/29
    03-982 Warsaw, Poland
  • Links to the Association’s social media can be found on this page

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