Hard beginnings

In Poland, of course, there is also a community of leather fetishists. In 2011, in cooperation with the Bears of Poland Association, the election of the first Mr. Leather Poland, and two years later the Leather Poland Association was established (liquidated in 2018).

For over two years, the Polish leather community has been brought together by the Polish Leather Uniform Group fb group, and in November 2022 its members decided to create a new Polish Leather Uniform Group Association. In 2022 he was also elected Mr. Leatherman Poland.

Fetish: controversy and stereoptypes

The terms fetish and fetishist may have clearly negative connotations for most people, which results from a direct understanding of the dictionary definitions of these concepts originating from psychiatry. In fact, unconditionally combining issues related to sex and sexuality and the passion for leather as an element of clothing is too much of a simplification and has little to do with reality – we encourage you to read this text. Most people who call themselves leather fetish fans state directly that “having sex in a full leather outfit, or even its elements, is simply uncomfortable.”.

Łukasz, Mr Fetish Germany 2022 & Mister Leather Berlin 2022

Another stereotype connects leather fetish lovers with the world of BDSM practices. The source of this association is primarily pop culture and the early history of the leather movement. Leather has been and is a common element of the stage image of many music stars, and in video clips and during live performances, these performers willingly refer to promiscuous sexuality. Similar images could also be seen in many movies.

In reality, leather fetishists – as a collective – turn out to be neither sex maniacs nor dominant masters looking for people to enslave. The preference for leather is not associated with any specific sexual orientation, although stereotypically the leather fetish is also associated with homosexuality.

Concluding this topic, it is worth mentioning equality parades and other, mainly foreign, events gathering the gay and fetish community. Many critics focus only on the elements related to sexuality that appear there. However, it should be remembered that all these behaviors eagerly shown in the media and their entire surroundings are often a deliberate demonstration, or even a provocation, intended to convey a specific message.

The leather community and the LGBTQ+ community

The Polish Leather Uniform Group Association leaves issues related to sexuality to the individual discretion of its members, believing that every person, regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, skin color, nationality and other features, has the same rights and deserves the same respect.