Elections 2023

In May 2023, during the multi-fetish event Warsaw Fetish Weekend 2023, co-organized by the Polish Leather Uniform Group Association and the Refform Foundation, the Mr. election took place. Leatherman Poland 2023. Four candidates fought for the title: Piotr, Daniel, Michał and Grzegorz. The title was awarded to Michał by the votes of the jury and the audience.

Michał, Mr. Leatherman Poland 2023


The main goal of Mr. Leatherman Poland’s mission is to represent the Polish leather community, both at home and abroad, and to support activities integrating the leather community and the LGBT+ community in general.

Title Mr. Leatherman Poland is an official title awarded by the Polish leather community and has been registered as a trademark in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. Title Mr. Leatherman Poland was awarded for the first time in 2022. In previous years, the title of Mr. Leather Poland belongs to the previous, now defunct leather association.

In 2018, as a result of the liquidation of the Leather Poland Association by the court, the elections were not held. In 2019, the elections were organized by the Organizing Committee appointed by the REFFORM Foundation. In 2020-2021, the organization of the event was prevented by the pandemic.

Holders of the title Mr. Leather Poland:
– 2011 – Przemek,
– 2012 – Wojtek,
– 2013 – Miro,
– 2014 – Michał (2nd place in the Mister Leather Europe election),
– 2015 – Łukasz,
– 2016 – Maciej,
– 2017 – Łukasz,
– 2019 – Sebastian
Holders of the title Mr. Leatherman Poland:
– 2022 – Bartek
– 2023 – Michał

Bartek, Mr. Leatherman Poland 2022

Funds for activities of Mr. Leatherman Poland

The public visibility of Mr Leatherman Poland (e.g. participation in international events) requires financial resources. Such financing is not provided by election sponsors, and the Association, as a young organization, does not have appropriate funds. Thanks to the collection on zrzutka.pl, we can collect the funds needed to cover at least part of the costs of Mr Leatherman Poland’s activities. Thank you for your support!