The Polish Leather Uniform Group Association operates based on the Regulations adopted by the founding meeting of the Association’s members.

If you would like to become a member of the Polish Leather Uniform Group Association, be sure to read both Regulations before completing The Membership Declaration (available in Polish). By declaring your will to join the Association, you agree to comply with the provisions of both Regulations.

The Regulations of the Association define the objectives and methods of operation of the Association, as well as define the rights and obligations of its members, and specify the authorities of the Association. This is a key document for our organization.

The Regulations on the Payment of Membership Fees describe in detail the method of paying the membership fee by members of the Association, as well as defines reminder and enforcement actions against persons who have not paid the fee on time.

The GDPR Information Clause contains information on how the Association processes members’ personal data, as well as reminds what rights people who provide us with their personal data have.

The Privacy Policy contains the most important information for users of our website, related to the storage and processing of data such as IP addresses and the so-called cookies.