PLAY – a new rubber group within PLUG

Polish Latex Assembly (PLAY) was created out of a passion for latex and sharing it with other kinksters in the Polish community. The core values of the group are openness, co-management and facilitating access to the fetish in order to build and strengthen the community. This applies not only to the rubber community, so PLAY was created within the existing structure of the Polish Leather Uniform Group (PLUG). It’s more fun together and we can do more.

Anyone can join us

If you want to get more and more actively involved in the activities of the PLUG Association as part of the PLAY group:
– fill out the form (membership declaration),
– pay the membership fee (the fees fund our activities, e.g. organizing the Mister Rubber Poland elections and other activities), we are working on a benefits program for our members
– wait for information about being accepted as a member,
– start doing.

You can also only take part in events organized by us or support us in other ways, without being a member of the Association. To this end, we encourage you to:
follow our profile on numerous social media (links coming soon),
– send ideas and ask questions by e-mail to:

Our social media

Follow our social media:

What’s next?

This is a great opportunity to celebrate, so we invite you to the PLAY inaugural party, which will take place on February 3, 2024 at the Instytut Bar club in Warsaw as part of the cyclical Warsaw Fetish Meeting event organized in cooperation with PLUG. More details coming soon.

Together with PLUG, we are also organizing the Warsaw Fetish Weekend, which will take place on April 26-28, 2024. During this event, we will meet the new Mister Leatherman Poland and Mister Rubber Poland, with the support of which PLUG & PLAY will continue to develop.

A few final words

Although the rubber group was born on the initiative of Mister Rubber Poland 2023 – Kross – it would not be possible without the support of its community. It was provided by Przemek (Mister Rubber Poland 2019), Michał (Mister Rubber Poland 2017, Mister International Rubber – MIR 21), Janek (co-organizer of Warsaw Fetish Weekend 2023), Kacper (AKA Orion), Kuba, Łukasz and Marcin, as well as current members PLUG.

Although we will try to minimize all formalities, we are happy to announce that Przemek has joined the management board of the Polish Leather Uniform Group Association. Since he lives permanently in Warsaw, this will facilitate optimal cooperation between PLUG and PLAY. At the same time, Kross, who lives in Bristol, England, will take care of the best possible relations with foreign groups and carry out other activities supporting the Polish rubber community. All these various activities will help build solid foundations that will enable the rubber community to function independently in the future.